Hello!  Looking for hand made woollens?  Then look no further.  I have a range of hand made hats and gloves available, plus I can make just about anything you like as a custom order.  I use both hand spun and commercial wool, depending on the item.  My hand spun wool is usually from locally sourced fleeces.

I'm based near Knighton in Wales, which is an amazing area for sheep and their fleeces.  I ship anywhere in the world, so come on into the shop and see what you fancy!

If there's nothing in the shop that appeals to you, then please feel free to drop me a line using the 'Custom Order Request' on the right and let me know what you're looking for - as mentioned, I am more than happy to do custom orders.

In case anyone is curious, the name of my company comes from the two inspirations I had to get started.  Kitty was my grandmother, who taught me to knit from a very early age.  She was an amazing lady; mostly blind, yet continued to knit all through her life.  Lilliput was a lamb who was born in 2013; he had a rough start to his life and somehow I became his surrogate mum.  I decided I should at least let him earn his keep with his fleece!  He sadly passed away in January of 2014, but he gave me the kick I needed to get started with the enterprise.  I've knitted and crocheted since I was about 4 or 5 years old, and recently started spinning my own yarn thanks to some lessons from the wonderful Rose at The Sheep Shed in Leominster. It seemed like the right time to make a move away from my day job and settle down to do this full time.